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Can you Live in your Shed

Posted by Wide Span Sheds on 14 January 2013
Imagine the serenity. You’ve just bought your dream country block of land, and wanting to save a bob by living in a shed to start with. The question is, can you legally live in your shed?

Simply put, yes you can, but there are many rules you must adhere to! And it would only be to your own detriment if you don’t, as you might end up with a large fine from your local council if you don’t adhere to the rules and regulations in regards to shed homes.

Check with your Local Council
Our very best advice to you would be to contact your local council or private certifier, and have a chat with them in regards to converting your shed into a liveable dwelling. It probably also wouldn’t hurt to do a little research online – most councils have many of their regulations listed on their websites.

Development Application
Often you need to have a Development Application approved for a future home if you’re considering a shed as a temporary dwelling.

Dwelling Entitlement
Does your land have dwelling entitlement? If not, will you be able to secure this from council before you construct your shed?

Class 10a Buildings vs. Class 1 Buildings
A shed or a garage is considered a class 10a building, which means it is not intended for use as a liveable dwelling. Your liveable shed will need to be a class 1 building. Wide Span Sheds however, offer a range of shed kits that have been engineered as a Class 1 – liveable building.

There are also other factors that need to be considered when make a shed home a habitable dwelling, and they are:

• Termite protection / prevention
• Proper insulation
• An approved septic / waste disposal system

As you can see, there is a lot more to just building your shed and living in it. Make sure you follow the right steps now, so that you are properly set up for the future, and are not fined for not taking the appropriate action in the first place.

For more information, please contact your Wide Span Sheds representative on 1300 94 33 77.

Author: Wide Span Sheds