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Business Name: Bryson Irrigation Landscape and Paving

Store Manager: Neil Mason

Agent Since: 2018

Contact Details

Address: 55 Cornish Terrace Wallaroo, SA 5556

Phone: 0417 899 651

Mobile: N/A

Trading Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Looking for a quality steel kit shed or garage in Wallaroo? Well, Niel at Bryson Irrigation Landscape and Paving in South Australia can help you find the right solution for you. 

As a Wide Span Sheds agent, Neil can supply all customers with our superior range of steel buildings, from residential sheds, larger garages and workshops, farm steel structures, equine buildings, kit homes, and industrial structures. All Wide Span Sheds steel buildings are made using genuine BlueScope Steel, an Australian steel that has been designed specifically for our climate.

For exceptional service, and access to our wide range of sheds, garages, barns, workshops, and kit homes, contact Neil today. As an authorised agent of Wide Span Sheds, they can offer our Peace of Mind guarantees.


Shed Prices & Sizes

For the latest pricing guide on our full range, view the Wide Span Sheds catalogue online. Our catalogue is a snapshot of what our customers have designed over the past 18 years using a template as a starting point.


All designs are flexible - Start with a template and work with one of our shed design specialists for FREE to create the exact design you want.

  • All dimensions can be customised to the millimetre
  • Heights up to 9 meters, clear spans up to 30 meters
  • Large bay sizes and uneven bay widths available

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Building a Shed in Wallaroo

If your property is located in Wallaroo, then you will need to contact the Copper Coast Council to assess if you will need a building permit to erect your new steel building.

For detailed information, we would suggest visiting the Copper Coast Council website

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