Who will build your kit home

Wide Span Homes is a wholesaler, therefore we do not have builders to erect your steel kit home. If a customer wants to engage the services of a professional builder they will have to source one in their local area. Alternatively, our homes are perfect for those who are handy at heart and interested in taking on their own building project as an owner builder.

Owner Builder

Being an owner builder will not only give you the freedom to build your house the way you want, but you will have the distinct advantage of working to a schedule that suits your needs, not somebody else’s! Customers interested in becoming an owner builder are advised to contact their local council to find out what the owner-builder requirements are.

Professional Builder

If you don't have the time, knowledge or experience to finish your own steel kit home, then you should contact a local builder. Your local builder should be able to give you a price to completely finish the house off.

Can Wide Span Homes Help with Fixtures?

Our concept is simple - we supply only the steel components to make the structure or shell of your home. All fixtures and fittings will need to be sourced by you. 


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