Don't be rained out! Are you prepared for a rainy day?

Posted on 5 Jul. 2016 10:30 am

Preparing for a rainy day

Prioritize your farming requirements for the upcoming months, by investing in assets that can provide quality protection for when the rainy days arrive.  Weather predictions from the Bureau of Meteorology are forecasting an early start to Northern Australia’s wet season this year. Don’t let your farm be rained out, now is the time to start preparing your farm for the upcoming rainy period.

Consider a quality Australian steel shelter for your stock feed, machinery and animals; one of the best investments a farmer can make for the season.  A structural steel building allows Australian farmers to properly manage their business assets, ensure their crops are well protected and machinery is protected from rain.

A farm is simply not complete without a functional storage facility. Having a secure place to store your hay bales or yield before going to market is essential as a week’s rain at the wrong time can mean the difference between having product to sell.

With the extremities of Australian weather conditions, farmers have a responsibility to provide an adequate shelter for their livestock. Reduce your production losses, and minimise the impact of climate extremes with a shelter for your livestock.

Farming machinery is simply too expensive to even consider not looking after it properly. A shed offers this protection, and your investment is guaranteed to last the distance, if you opt for BlueScope® Steel. This trusted Australian brand offers up to 15 years structural warranty on their steel products. This means our farmers can be rest assured they are buying quality.

From small, medium, large to extra-large farming sheds; Wide Span Sheds have the capability to offer you a quality Australian steel storage investment.  Providing all types of farming sheds designed to meet your requirements, from machinery to yield storage sheds, Wide Span Sheds have the solution to meet your farming needs.

With reliable guarantees, you can be confident that a Wide Span Sheds structure will deliver safety and functionality to your farm for many years to come.  Built to the harsh Australian climate conditions, your Wide Span Shed will be constructed with quality BlueScope® Australian Steel that will last for many seasons and yields to come.  

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