Home Grown Australian Steel - A Material for Today, Tomorrow and Many More to Come

Posted on 13 Jun. 2016 9:30 am

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Why Australian Steel? 

Steelmaking is a renowned global business, with international markets making up 60% of the worlds steel production. Considering the current steel crisis especially in China and the UK suffering job losses, sell-offs, tariffs and production issues, now is a better time than ever to support and back Australian Steel.

When choosing your supplier you need to consider all elements and choose your supplier wisely. Some steel products may have had their final coating completed in Australia but the actual material is internationally manufactured.

Mass international production of steel generates lower costs of producing, therefore in return yielding a cheaper end-product for the consumer. However, a low value product creates potential risks in your end product use. Imported manufactured steel is not designed specifically to withstand Australian climates, and as a result can cause immense damage to property and people.

Although only making up a small percentage of the world market, Australia leads the way in the production and cold formed steel applications.

Australian market leader, BlueScope Steel have tried, tested and proven their products time and time again under the harsh Australian conditions, providing a long-life for your investment.

Not only assisting in building durable performing structures, but by purchasing Australian steel you are advocating for the Australian job market creating jobs and brighter futures for Australian workers.

With its qualities second to none, choosing Australian steel is a must when considering purchasing a shed for now and well into the future. 

Australian Made Quality Investment

Getting ready for the next season? With winter and the rainy season soon upon us you will want to protect and defend your greatest assets against the harsh Australian conditions.

An environmentally friendly product, Steel is one of the most sustainable building construction materials. With this materials strength, durability combined with its ability to be recycled time and time again, without losing its quality makes steel a truly compatible long term investment for your property.

Suppliers and builders value the flexibility of steel buildings and their benefits they provide. Cold rolled steel frames are lightweight and very malleable, ideal for modernisation, re configuring, extending, or adapting your new or existing structures. 

Embrace Australian Local Suppliers 

Wide Span Sheds understands how crucial premium quality steel is to the integrity of your structure. For this reason we guarantee that your steel kit building will include all structural components manufactured entirely in Australia from premium high tensile BlueScope Steel.

For your peace of mind and to ensure you are purchasing quality, BlueScope Steel stands behind their Australian products and offer up to a 15 year warranty from the date of installation.

Further to using Australian products, your Wide Span Sheds distributor will also consider and engineer your new structure site specific to your exact location in Australia.  This will ensure you are gaining a fit for purpose structure built to withstand the surrounding elements and to last the test of time. 

You can be confident a Wide Span Sheds structure will deliver safety and functionality for many years to come.

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