The Fine Art of Australian Steel

Posted on 21 Jun. 2016 12:00 pm

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Winter brings an extreme climate of frost, snowfalls, high winds, heavy rains and hail. These weather events impact heavily on the farming season, often altering the quality and consistency of crops. Also stock feed and grains can become wet and unusable, and machinery is exposed to rust.

One of the best investments a farmer can make this season is an Australian steel shed. Iconic Australian brand, BlueScope® Steel is dedicated to their product quality, with accelerated laboratory testing on various outdoor sites across Australia. Their COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® ranges of steel have true Australian quality, which is second to none.

A structural Australian steel building allows our farmers to properly manage their assets, ensuring their yield is well protected, their machinery is stored away from rain and rust, and their livestock is safe. With the current influx of lesser quality imported steel from China, now is the time to support the Australian steel industry.

A material for today, tomorrow and many more to come, BlueScope® Steel will defend your farming assets against the Australian extremities. A sustainable construction material, steel is the world’s most recyclable product being 100% recyclable. 

Ensure less spoilage and higher quality crops by minimising your businesses risk with a BlueScope® Steel, cold-rolled steel storage shed.  You will also get the added benefit of more ventilation and insulation than that of a traditional silo. Research undertaken shows that structural steel storage sheds are replacing silos as the preferred option for farmers to store their crops and feed. 

While silos are an initial low cost investment they come with various risks and regular inspections and maintenance which can be costly. Dual purposed storage sheds can be used for many applications and an investment lasting for many years if using BlueScope® Steel. The iconic Australian brand offers up to 15 years structural warranty on their products, so you can rest assured you are buying quality. 

Wide Span Sheds have the capability of creating a building that is structurally engineered to withstand heavy use, and designed to your site regions conditions.  From work sheds, machinery and storage farm sheds to livestock holding areas, equine arenas and stables, Wide Span Sheds have solutions to meet your farming needs.

Wide Span Sheds has supported Australian agricultural and farming businesses since its inception in 2000. With reliable guarantees, you can be confident a Wide Span Sheds structure will deliver safety and functionality to your Australian property for many years to come. Call Wide Span Sheds on 1300 94 33 77 today or fill in an online quote request

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