“Building A Dream Shed” Through Augmented Reality (A.R)

Posted by on 26 February 2018

Wide Span Sheds Augmented Reality AR App 9

Customers can now explore their dream shed in augmented reality (A.R) through Wide Span Sheds new app, now available for download for both Apple™ and Android™ devices.

As industry leaders, Wide Span Sheds is dedicated to developing new ways of enhancing customer experience, with A.R allowing for greater flexibility and visual enhancement and engagement all from the comfort of their own home.
Developed by a dedicated in-house team, the app is set to transform the experience of buying a steel building from Wide Span Sheds. It will allow customers the ability not only to visualise their individual building design in 3D but also make changes to their preferred colours. Offering an all new and exciting way to experience products before they are purchased.

Wide Span Sheds Augmented Reality AR App 8

Greg Lennon, the Sales Manager at Wide Span Sheds, commented that “technology now demands faster and more meaningful connections with our clients, this new development allows customers to ‘see’ their product in a far more tangible context. Clients can see modifications and options displayed almost instantaneously, as they work with our sales team. It speeds up the design confirmation process, reducing uncertainty and ambiguity. For many people visualising two-dimensional plans in a 3D format is not easy, it is why architects and designers relied on building models in the past. The 3D renderings in the Augmented Reality application take away the guesswork, they provide peace of mind, it allows the customer to engage in this process, and it is more personalised. Clients make comments like, “That’s my shed”.”
“Whether you are looking for a steel building solution for your rural, domestic or industrial property, our industry-leading A.R App will help you realise how a design will function for you,” said Greg.

Wide Span Sheds Augmented Reality AR App 5

“We will win with this type of tool, clients can communicate changes faster and with more confidence, and it speeds the decision-making process up. We are proud of the quality and standard of the products we produce and it’s exciting to be able to present new technologies to our customers. It demonstrates our commitment to innovation, Wide Span pioneered the selling formats we use, and the A.R format reinforces our no-compromise philosophy.” He said.

Customers can experience their shed or structure in 3D using Wide Span Sheds’ new A.R app which is available for download now from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

Visit Wide Span Sheds A.R to see how the tool works in real time or view our latest products visit our home page.

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