In recent years, Australia has undergone a renewable energy revolution. 96.5% of Tasmiania’s power usage in 2019 came from renewable energy with South Australia getting an impressive 52.1% of its power from the same sources. Leading the way in this revolution is solarpredominantly with panels installed on the rooftops of residential and commercial buildings across Australia.

Naturally, more and more of our customers are  asking about including the capability to install solar panels on our kit designs and Wide Span Sheds has answered the call! 

Solar panels add weight and pressure on a steel building, as well as extra drag in windy conditions. So if you’re considering installing solar panels on your building, we can engineer it to cope with these extra demandsHere are a three more reasons to consider including solar panel installation capability in your shed design. 

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1. Retrofitting can be expensive 

Even if you’re not planning to install solar panels straight away, we advise to include the engineering capability to do so into the design of your building. Trying to do so after the building is erected is costly as your roof may need to be completely redesigned to safely take the extra pressures of solar panels. Engineering your building to take solar panels often only adds marginal extra cost if done up-front during the initial quote. This is almost certainly far cheaper than trying to retrofit later! 

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2. Keep Your Insurance Company Happy 

We have observed that insurance companies are increasingly concerned about insuring solar-installed roofs that were not originally designed to do so. Ensuring that your build is engineered correctly at the initial design and quote stage will help you down the track when insuring your asset.

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3. Complying with Council 

After recent updates to the National Construction Code, councils are now looking closer at buildings with rooftop solar panels. If you are at all considering installing solar panels on your building, it is strongly recommended that you ensure your shed design and engineering is compliant with your local council regulations. Doing so will help avoid frustration and expense in the future. 

Wide Spans Sheds prides itself in providing fast, efficient and cost-effective quotes with Shed Safe accreditation and we will continue to do the same for customers wishing to install solar panel on their building. 


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