Superior Engineering

At Wide Span Sheds we are committed to providing you with a premium yet affordable steel kit building solution. Years of research and development have gone into developing a robust framing system that offers superior protection along with immense flexibility in design. Our portal frames have been engineered to withstand the harsh Australian environment and last the test of time due to the following features.


Shed Diagram


Apex System

  • Apex bracket to full depth of the rafter 'C' sections with full width return flanges that are fully bolted for added strength, connecting the two rafters and stabilizing the apex point.
  • Apex brace (collar tie in tension) is vital in the construction process and aids greatly in dispersing the load applied through the rafters, providing greater strength within the portal.

Haunch Bracket

  • Designed to strengthen the rafter-over-column haunch joint reducing axial torque, generally known as twisting within the portal frame, caused by standard loads.
  • The addition of knee braces not only helps to strengthen the haunch connection and further eliminate axial torque, but allows the design of much taller buildings.

Purlins and Girts

  • Only high-strength grade BlueScope Steel between 450-550 MPa is used in our frames
  • Your option of Top Hat or fully bolted Z purlins and girts in non-cyclonic regions
  • We only provide fully bolted Z-purlins in cyclonic regions
  • A minimum of 10% overlap on purlins and girts to decrease lateral movement within the portal frame
  • Where required, all bays over 6 metres come with mid-span bracing

Footing Fixing

  • A number of fixing methods are available to combat the internal pressures and the reduction of bracing when adding openings into the building design.
  • All fixing methods are designed based on engineering requirements and range from column embedded into the concrete, cast in threaded bolts to chemically anchored threaded bolts.


  • Bracing is an essential element when designing portal frame buildings. Cross bracing, fly bracing and double eave connections are just some of the bracing elements used. 
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