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Quality 2 Bay Sheds For A Range Of Purposes

There are so many uses for a Wide Span Shed which is why many future shed owners consider one of our most versatile shed designs: the 2 Bay Shed. The possible use cases are seemingly endless. Need to store your caravan and also need space for your workshop machinery? How about an efficient storage space with multiple entry and exit options? The choices go on and on. Here are just a few items you could keep in your 2 Bay Shed:

  • Caravans
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Farming Equipment
  • Hay or Feed
  • Sport Gear
  • Hobbies
  • Tools and Machinery

Not only will you get a versatile shed, you'll also get one made from the best Australian steel, BlueScope Steel, backed by an up-to 20 year warranty. There are no compromises made when you buy your 2 Bay Shed from Wide Span Sheds.



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2 Bay Sheds

Interested in a 2 Bay Shed of your own?

Give one of our shed design specialists a call today or request a quote online to get the process started.

View Prices & Sizes for our 2 Bay Sheds Range

There are a lot of factors that go into the final price of your 2 Bay Sheds. Some of these factors include wind region, topography, and what optional extras go into the final design. 

One of our shed specialists would be happy to go through all that with you. However if you are after a ballpark figure, you may want to browse our latest catalogue with indicative pricing on our most popular designs. 

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Why Buy Your 2 Bay Shed from Wide Span Sheds?

We can appreciate that Australian shed owners have a lot of options when it comes to who you buy your shed from which is why we value the thousands of Australians who made no compromises by choosing Wide Span Sheds. Here are some reasons why they did. 

COLORBOND® Colour Options

Not only do we use the best quality steel in our shed kits, your 2 bay shed can look fantastic in any environment with the full range of COLORBOND® Steel at your disposal. Will you go with the trending Monument® or Deep Ocean® or prefer the classic tones of Woodland Grey® or Surfmist®? The choices are all yours.  

Council Requirements

Depending on which part of the country you find yourself in, acquiring approval from your local council to build your 2 Bay Shed can have its issues. Fortunately, our shed design specialists are experts when it comes to designing a shed that will give you the best chance at passing local council regulations. Your Wide Span Sheds specialist will only be a phone call away to offer any advice you may need.

Shedsafe Accredited & National Construction Code (NCC) Compliant

Australia sees a variety of weather conditions including varying wind regions and cyclone risk areas. This means that a shed designed for one part of the country may not be safe for another part of the country. This is why every Wide Span Shed is specifically designed and engineered for the exact build location. But don't just take our word for it. Wide Span Sheds is ShedSafe Accredited meaning that this independent body verifies that each of our sheds is engineered correctly and is compliant to Australia's National Construction Code (NCC). Learn more about ShedSafe here. 

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