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Established business owners are benefiting from adding steel building products to their offering without tying up capital in stock.  If you’re interested in broadening your customer base by adding steel building kits to your current business, then we’ll work with you to make it happen. 

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About Wide Span Sheds 

Founded in 2000, Wide Span Sheds are Australia’s leading provider of sheds and steel buildings. As a family owned business who prides themselves on their ability to supply no-compromise quality domestic, rural, equine and industrial sheds.    

Our Authorised Agent network is an integral part of the Wide Span Sheds’ growth strategy. 

What Contributes to an Agent’s Success?

Over the years, we have found that Agents with the following attributes achieve the greatest success;

  • Financially secure
  • Experienced and established business
  • Business location with a good level of exposure
  • Proven track record in successful business
  • An established member of the local community

Authorised Agents become part of Wide Span Shed’s trans-Tasman business network which offers comprehensive and ongoing support that maximises potential.  Wide Span Agents can be found across a diverse range of businesses from real estate agents and builders to hardware stores and farm equipment suppliers.

The initial agency investment is reinvested back into the Agent’s business via a comprehensive online training scheme to ensure a complete understanding of our business, processes, and software, followed by ongoing marketing support and training.  Learning the tools and staying competitive is the key to sustained profitability in any business.  Staying motivated and up-to-date with Wide Span Sheds’ research and development plus our product line is essential to achieving that goal.

How it works

Acting as an Authorised Agent for Wide Span Sheds is simple.  All you need to do is quote the building your customer needs using our software, Shed Management System (SMS) and then Follow up and Follow up and Follow up and sell them their desired building. There is no need for you to worry about ordering, posting plans to clients or deliveries. We take care of all those details.

In return you receive;

  • Exposure through the distribution of Wide Span Sheds catalogue in your local area every 8 weeks
  • Listing on the Wide Span Sheds website (Find an Agent)
  • Ongoing shed sales and marketing support
  • A potentially lucrative low-effort revenue source

In 2018, the top agent grossed over $150,000 in commissions while the next 20% of agents in the network averaged over $32,000 in commissions.  You have control over your potential earnings from your Wide Span Sheds sales.

Here’s what our Agents say about the benefits of joining the network:

"I started my independent real estate office in 2007 to service our mostly rural area. As our sales of vacant properties increased so did the inquiries of where to source good quality sheds. I joined Steelx as a Wide Span Agent in 2009 and after undergoing their training began shed quoting. Not only is the remuneration very welcome but the ability to offer this service as part of my real estate business is widely appreciated and has broadened my customer base. In recent years Steelx has enhanced the quoting program, added more features and provide dedicated agent support streamlining the quoting process and making it a simple way to make money."

- Wide Span Shed Tarago

"Bronwen & I have been Wide Span Sheds agents for over 10 years and it has been a pleasure working with a company like Steelx who continually improve its products. It is our experience that Wide Span Sheds are the “best in the business”. The help received from head office staff is first class and the ongoing marketing strategy is remarkable. The products are easy to sell against all competition."

- Wide Span Shed Hunter Valley

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