Council Approval Guarantee

Wide Span Homes is so confident that our steel kit homes are structurally sound and superior, that we offer a Council Approval Guarantee. The structural components of a Wide Span Homes kit are second to none and are engineered to meet Australia’s strict Class 1 building codes and standards.

When you commit to purchasing a Wide Span Homes kit, we guarantee that your steel building design will meet, if not exceed, council requirements and approval OR your deposit will be refunded in full. This gives our customers greater peace of mind that their dream home will become a reality.

Wide Span Homes’ credible history and experience have allowed us to offer such an industry leading guarantee. We understand our customers and the apprehension of purchasing a new home. Have the confidence when shopping with Wide Span Homes that your steel structure will be the perfect match for your property.

Terms & Conditions

The seller agrees to refund in full any money paid if the Purchaser has not been able to obtain council approval and:

  1. The Purchaser requests in writing a refund to the Seller, within 3 months of signing the Purchase Agreement.
  2. Manufacturing of the building has not commenced.
  3. A letter from the council is provided by the Purchaser, outlining the reason for non-approval.
  4. The Seller is unable to offer a variation to the Purchaser which would enable council requirements to be met.
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