Free or Discounted Delivery

When you shop with Wide Span Sheds you are essentially purchasing the steel components that are required in order to erect your shed. That means that delivery is a key component of your purchase!

We provide free or heavily discounted delivery across the country:

  • For those on major routes we will shout your delivery fees!
  • For those slightly off the route, we offer a massively reduced delivery fee at only $5 per kilometre (that you are off the major route).
  • For those that live in remote areas, we will help you out as much as possible! We can arrange free delivery to any freight depot that is on the major routes throughout the country and from there you can take care of the final delivery journey through your own preferred supplier.

Supply Guarantee - No Ifs, No Buts, No Maybes

We are committed to providing a fantastic service from design and supply all the way through to delivery at your site. While the delivery is taken care of by your building manufacturer, we have implemented a variety of checks and balances throughout the supply chain to ensure your building kit is delivered in full and undamaged. Read more about this on our Supply Guarantee page.    


Free Delivery Terms and Conditions

The Wide Span Sheds “Free Delivery” (‘the promotion’) applies to Wide Span Sheds cold form steel buildings only. The Promotion does not include the Wide Span Homes range of prefabricated buildings, Class 1 buildings or garden sheds. Free Delivery is restricted to those located in our standard areas. Those located outside these areas will be issued with a discount on their delivery charge. 

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