What is a She Shed?

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What is a She Shed?

In Australia, sheds have been synonymous with men and 'man caves' have become a widely accepted concept. However, 'she sheds', their female counterparts, are taking over the country at a rapid rate! She Sheds are spaces that allow women to enjoy some quality personal time and escape the everyday trappings of work and family life.

More often than not, they’re used as a space for hobbies such as painting or writing, as a place to read and relax, or even somewhere to just go for some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Put simply, She Sheds offer that extra space you can retreat to when you need a moment for yourself – it could be said they’re an Australian phenomenon.

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backyard retreat backyard garden sheds
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backyard retreat backyard garden sheds
Garden Backyard Sheds 2 v2
The Cabin

She Sheds

Specs These can all be customised.
Span: 6 m
Length: 6 m
Height: 3.6 m
  • Metroclad, Trimclad or Corodek sheeting profiles
  • Extensive range of optional extras
  • FREE DESIGN SERVICE - All dimensions can be altered to the millimetre

She Shed Designs

She Sheds are often custom-designed based on the needs of the owner. There are a few key factors to consider when designing your She Shed, these include: how much outdoor space you have, any style preferences (rustic or modern) and what you will be using your she shed for.

We supply She Sheds Australia-wide in the full range of Colorbond colours and include full construction manuals, as well as any documentation required for council approval (where appropriate). As our sheds are all made from quality Australian BlueScope Steel, we are proud to offer an up to 20-year warranty.

She Shed Sizes

One of the key factors to consider is size - the space needs to fit your purpose, not be an afterthought! Whether you’re after a smaller cosy space or a large workshop-style space just make sure you’ve got plenty of storage. Also, think about the functionality of the space and what you plan to put in it in terms of furniture, equipment, etc.

Design features to consider

  • Windows - Including windows in your She Shed is a great idea for letting natural light in, as well as being a nice feature to look at from the outside. It’s not always possible though due to aspect and orientation, so if this isn't an option you could consider either polycarbonate or fibreglass roof sheeting or glass sliding doors instead.
  • Alfresco area - Another idea that’s become popular in She Shed designs lately is including an alfresco area to create an indoor/outdoor space.
  • Lighting and power - Most she sheds will require safe power and lighting particularly if you plan on using it at night.

backyard retreat backyard garden sheds

She Shed Ideas & Common Uses

She Sheds are experiencing a sharp rise in popularity driven largely by Australians spending more time at home and investing in their properties. A functional, well-designed shed can become your favourite area of the home or garden, and unleash your inner creativity as well as provide a space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Some common ideas are:

Arts and Craft Room

Whether you're creating items to sell or simply making something for yourself, having your own shed can be the perfect solution. It frees you from distractions while also reducing the likelihood of losing small objects around the home (such as beads and stones).

Sewing Room

Fabric, a sewing machine, mannequins, and other sewing equipment can take up a lot of space. A tailor-made shed can provide you with the additional room you need to create your best work.

Reading Room

A little corner just for you. Your own cozy space, away from the distractions of life - where you can tuck yourself up with a book or tablet without being disturbed. It's even possible to include electric plugs so your devices are nearby!

Art Studio and Gallery

Everyone's process for creating great art is different. Whether you're a solopreneur or part of a collective, your She Shed can provide the space and resources for you to create your work.

Home Office

When you don't live alone, working at home without interruptions from family may seem difficult. Fortunately, She Sheds are here as the cost-effective solution to your home office demands. Many clients find that they're able to work more productively and achieve a better work-life balance.

She Shed Guest Room

Do you require a guest room or extra space in your house? A She Shed enables you to entertain and have fun with your friends and family during the day while also providing your guests with the solitude they need at night.

Gardening Shed

She Sheds are an excellent way to store your gardening equipment. A well-designed she shed might be used as a centrepiece in your garden or converted into a greenhouse with the use of some fibreglass skylight roof sheeting.

Yoga Shed

A She Shed is an excellent location to unwind and relax, making it the ideal room for yoga or meditation. Customise it to create the aesthetic you want to get the most out of your practice.

Home Gym

A spacious She Shed is an ideal location for a home gym. With the ability to customise the design, you'll have enough room for a treadmill, exercise bike, and other fitness equipment.

Backyard Retreat

Create your own garden getaway to relax on a cosy couch and get some fresh air in a comfortable space. Whatever relaxation you want to do, a She Shed is the perfect place to retreat.

These are just some ideas of common uses for She Sheds - it's best to explore exactly what works for you! A little research into the design process will go a long way towards helping you and our team can help you do it.

She Shed Options & Accessories

We know you’re going to want to personalise your space and make it unique to you. You might want to include an outdoor rug, garden bench, hanging baskets or a tree swing – whatever appeals to you. We offer a wide range of additional options to help you customise your shed and make it as comfortable as possible. These include:

  • Insulation & ventilation - shed insulation can greatly help to reduce your energy bills while ventilation provides good air circulation and helps with the overall temperature of the space. Vermin proofing - rodents and insects can destroy your She shed, so it's important to protect it from them!
  • Cantilever awnings - protect the exterior of your she shed from rain and sun with awnings that can be custom designed to fit your space.
  • Eave extensions - are an attractive way to add some extra space for storage.
  • Fibreglass skylight roof sheeting - creates a greenhouse effect or let ample light into your space.
  • Window openings - are great for adding plenty of natural light and capturing the breeze in your She Shed.

Do We Offer DIY She Shed Kits?

Yes, we do. COLORBOND® She Shed kits are available with all our designs fully customisable. They're created with the non-DIYer in mind - all you need is a few tools and limited carpentry experience. We provide a full construction manual and any documentation required for council approval (where applicable).

Our Custom She Sheds For Sale

We don't believe in templates or cookie-cutter sheds. We offer a bespoke design service so every shed we build is unique to the customer. We'll ensure your She Shed can cater to all your needs and requirements, regardless of what you need it for!

When discussing your requirements with one of our experienced consultants, you'll be asked to consider:

  • The style and look you want to achieve - do you prefer a rustic country-style or a modern minimal design?
  • The location - how much space do you have available for your She Shed? Where will it be placed on your property? How much sunlight does it get?
  • What do you want to use the shed for - storage, relaxation or workspace?
  • Your project budget - it's important to consider what you can afford before trying to decide on a final design.
  • Timeframe - we can work with you to achieve a completed shed design in as short a period of time as possible!

After discussing what you need with our experienced shed designers, we'll create an initial design for your She Shed. Once you have approved the design, we will move forward with the planning process.

She Sheds Australia Wide

We supply She Sheds Australia-wide in a range of styles and designs. All of our She Sheds are cladded using genuine COLORBOND® and are available in the full range of COLORBOND® colours. With manufacturing and distribution hubs in all states, we're able to offer free or discounted delivery on your new custom-designed She Shed.

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Why Choose Our She Sheds?

Our sheds are made from Australian BlueScope steel and are pressure-rated at a minimum of 450MPa, making them extremely durable.

As a ShedSafe Accredited provider, all of our She Sheds are site-specific engineered to suit the conditions of your property and compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia. We’re proud to offer an up to 20-year BlueScope steel warranty on all our sheds giving you the confidence to know your shed will last the test of time.

For a free site-specific quote, contact our team of shed design specialists today.

She Shed Prices

She Shed prices will vary depending on your specific design, location and customisation options. View our catalogue for a pricing guide.

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