Wide Span Legends

Thumbnail Meet Shinji v2

Meet Shinji - Surfer and Shed Owner

Nothing says Australian beach culture more than a surfer in a wetsuit carving up a wave at one of the many picturesque beaches this country has to offer. 

And Shinji Kuramochi fits right into that mould as an avid surfer and well-known member of the Northern NSW surfer scene.  He also happens to be a proud Wide Span Sheds owner using his shed as a workshop for his surfboard shaping business. 

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Seaside Shed Thumbnail

A Seaside Shed at Scarborough

All across Australia, local sports clubs are often the lifeblood that help bind communities together, offering members a healthy lifestyle combined with a community to pursue similar interests with. 

The Scarborough Outrigger Canoe Club is a prime example of such a club. Based in beautiful Moreton Bay in Queensland, the club was recently in pursuit of a large shed to house their canoes and gear along with being a prime hangout spot after training. Wide Span Sheds was happy to offer a helping hand. 

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The Eagle's Nest

There are footy fans and there are footy fanatics. We reckon Troy wouldn't mind being labeled as the latter. When you see what he's done with his Wide Span Shed, you'll understand why.

As a lifelong fan of the AFL club the West Coast Eagles, Troy from Busselton WA decided that he would create the ultimate spot for him and his mates to sit back with a cold one and watch their Eagles play. Watch the video to hear the inspiration behind the man cave that he affectionately calls "The Eagle's Nest".

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Meet Phil Davis

There's a special relationship between a man and his car. Car enthusiast and Crookwell Car Club member, Phil Davis has had a lifelong obsession with classic cars that led to a passion to helping others with their vehicles. 

Hear the story of our latest Wide Span Sheds' Legend who is using his Wide Span Sheds' workshop to help others in the NSW town of Crookwell. 

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GASG Winner Thumbnail

A Surprise Shed For Dad

In April 2021, Eva from Albury Wodonga won the Great Australian Shed Giveaway with the grand prize of a Wide Span Shed valued at $10,000. She did this not for herself, but for her father West who has sacrificed so much for their family.

She asked Wide Span Sheds to help her surprise West with his dream shed. Find out exactly how the surprise reveal unfolded.

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John Legend Video

Meet John: The Third Generation Australian Dairy Farmer

Meet John – a third-generation Australian dairy farmer who looks and acts the part with his stoic look and serious tone of voice. But peel back the layers and you’ll find a bloke who cares for the legacy of those who came before him and who wants the best for the next generations of Aussie farmers.

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The Patersons: Standing up to the Heat

"It was dark, it was really dark. We couldn't see any flames because of the amount of smoke coming at us."

The words come from Malua Bay local Fraser Paterson. Watch how he and his wife Tracey retell their experience defending their property from the 2019 New Year's Eve fire. 

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Latest News FatherSon

Father and Son: Bonds of Steel

The bonds we have with our kids and parents can be the most important a person can have. And that is why Mark from Alice Springs cherished the build of his third Wide Span Shed...because of who he built it with: his ten-year-old son Ben.

Watch Mark and Ben's Story

Latest News Frank

Meet Frank Ashman

When Wide Span Shed's legend Frank retired, he was determined to make the most of this new stage of life and spend his free time on something he was passionate about. Frank and his wife Lynn decided to chase after a life-long interest of theirs: Aviation.

Watch more of Frank's story and his experience with Wide Span Sheds putting together this unique project.

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Latest News Pat

Meet Pat Stephens

After ordering a Wide Span Sheds kit, Pat suffered a minor stroke affecting his ability to walk. But he wasn't going to let that get in the way of getting the job done. After several brave weeks of rehabilitation, Pat told us that he decided to 'throw away the walking stick and start building the shed.'


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Michael Baker

Meet Michael Baker

When an accidental fire from an electrical fault in his four wheel drive winch destroyed his first Wide Span Shed, Michael Baker didn't have to think twice about who he was going to go to for the rebuild.

Watch Michael's story as he tells us why he decided to go back for a second Wide Span Shed and the additional design features he went with on his second time round.

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Ken Cowden

Meet Ken Cowden

Ken is a Wide Span Shed's Legends who doesn't compromise on his ambitions

When he decided to move to sunny Brisbane from Coffs Harbour, he was in the market for a new, larger shed for his timber business and rural lifestyle. 

Ken tells us why he decided to go with Wide Span Sheds for the second time and shares his experience building his 24 meter long, custom-designed shed.

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Wide Span Sheds is proud to call these legends our customers. 

A common theme among most of them is that they started their shed buying journey by looking at our catalogue which is full of our most popular shed sizes and designs to get you thinking what would best fit your backyard. 

All the prices in the catalogue are an indication only so once you're ready to get serious, give one of our shed design specialists a call on 1300 94 33 77 to request a quote on your dream shed. 

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