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Council Approval in Australia for Steel Garages

A steel garage is a Class 10a building, which effectively is a non-habitable building. As garages can be large structures, if you are planning to build in a built up suburban area then chances are you will need to apply for council approval before you can commence construction. ...

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How to / Tips

7 Essential Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Shed In A Cyclonic Region

Let’s take a journey back to early 2006.


It’s the 10th of March 2006. All is calm. You’re quietly working away in your brand new recently purchased shed, enjoying the peace and quiet. Your shed is a sanctuary away from the daily grind. You finish up and head home, all the while thinking about the next project you will start next week in your shed...

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DIY Tips

Making Sure Your Garage Is Practical and Safe

For many people, their garage is not only the place where they keep their car and their tools. It’s a place where they can enjoy their DIY projects, build something with their hands and relax from the busy everyday life. ...

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Wide Span Sheds New Product Features

Wide Span Sheds is excited to announce that we now offer extended roof sections on gutter sides and gable ends of our sheds. These eaves extensions are available for both skillion and gable roofed sheds. ...

Preparing for a rainy day

Don't be rained out! Are you prepared for a rainy day?

Prioritize your farming requirements for the upcoming months, by investing in assets that can provide quality protection for when the rainy days arrive.   Weather predictions from the Bureau of Meteorology are forecasting an early start to Northern Australia’s wet season this year. ...

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