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COLORBOND® Deep Ocean® Shed Inspiration

Colorbond® Deep Ocean® is inspired by the vast depths of the ocean, exuding strength and sophistication.

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Why choose a Wide Span Shed if you are in a cyclonic region

Living in a cyclone-prone area comes with its unique challenges and risks. Choosing the right shed and preparing for severe weather can make all the difference to the safety of your assets and family.

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Comparing shed roof styles and their advantages

When planning the design of a shed, one crucial aspect that should not be underestimated is the type of roof you choose. The selection of your shed's roof not only has a significant impact on its aesthetic appearance but also plays a key role in practica...

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QLD Gov doubles First Home Buyers Grant to 30K!

Thanks to the QLD Government doubling the First Home Buyers Grant to $30,000, qualifying individuals may be able to leverage the money to cover a decent chunk of the cost of a steel kit home.

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Game changing benefits of Vent-A-Roof for your shed!

Vent-A-Roof is a roof ventilation system that works to balance the air temperature in your shed. The system improves the overall air quality in shed spaces for a more comfortable environment and has many other game changing benefits...

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How to prepare your shed for fire season

As the Australian summer approaches, so does the looming threat of bushfires. Whether you are looking to get a shed or already have one, knowing how to prepare for the fire season is not just a precaution; it's a necessity.

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Get your shed together | start planning now for your 2024 shed!

The lead into Christmas sees a lot of people focusing on others, why not take a moment to consider what you might need? If you're thinking of a new shed in the new year, now is the ideal time to start planning and "get your shed together". In this quick ...

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Sun-powered savings | how shed roofs are ideal for solar panels

Adding a shed to your property presents unique opportunities for harnessing solar energy and cutting down on electricity costs. Australia's specific conditions and incentives make solar power on sheds an even more compelling choice.

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Strategic storage solutions for large sheds

Establishing an efficient storage system in an large scale shed demands meticulous planning to optimise efficiency, accessibility, and safety.

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Your guide to the shed buying process

Getting a shed is easy once you understand the steps involved! We've broken down everything you need to know in our Shed Buying Guide. Simply fill out your details and we'll shoot through a copy to your email.

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