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A Surprise Shed For Dad

In April 2021, Eva from Albury Wodonga won the Great Australian Shed Giveaway with the grand prize of a Wide Span Shed valued at $10,000. She did this not for herself, but for her father West who has sacrificed so much for their family.

She asked Wide Span Sheds to help her surprise West with his dream shed. Find out exactly how the surprise reveal unfolded.

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Meet John: The Third Generation Australian Dairy Farmer

John Colbert looks and acts the part of a true-blue, Aussie farmer. His stoic look and serious tone of voice matches the tough exterior of a veteran dairy farmer. 

And yet if you peel back the layers, you will see that his experience carries the weight of the history of generations of Aussie farmers before him and his actions in the present will help shape the future farmers who follow him.

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The Rising Price of Steel

Growing demand for iron ore, limited supply of coking coal and disruptions to shipping are just a few factors leading to the rising cost of steel across world markets. Australia is no exception to this global trend with suppliers like BlueScope Steel announcing increases to the price of their steel to keep up with global demands.

Below we discuss the three main factors pushing up steel prices both around the globe and in Australia.

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The Patersons: Standing up to the Heat

The words coming from Malua Bay local Fraser Paterson are measured and calm. But the tale he is retelling of his experience of the 2019 New Year’s Eve fire was anything but calm.

“It was scary,” adds Tracey, Fraser’s wife, with a more emotional tone. “But we didn’t have time to think. We just had to act.”

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Open Over Festive Season

The festive season is here!

Just like Santa and his elves, the Wide Span Sheds team will remain working hard over the holiday season to ensure that our customers continue to receive our incredible service and "no compromise" quality sheds. ...

Customer Stories

Meet Frank Ashman

Frank and his wife Lynn moved to the Darling Downs several years ago with their Santa Gertrudis cattle farming operation in tow. First up, they built themselves a Wide Span Sheds Machinery Shed.

Customer Stories

Meet Michael Baker

As a Wide Span Sheds customer for over 15 years, Michael’s world was rocked when an electrical fault in his four-wheel drive winch ignited a fire that went on to destroy his four-wheel-drive and the shed it was housed in.

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