A Steel Garage is more than just an Extension to your Property

Posted on 16 Apr 2015 8:00 am

Suburban 2 BLUE

When installing a new garage on your property, you are not just adding an extension. You are also increasing the value of your property through the additional storage space that is created. 

The popularity of these humble residential sheds is growing across the country. Maybe it’s because we accumulate possessions a lot faster than what we ever did before. Or maybe it is because we value what a steel garage stands for; a place to protect our cars and valuables. It may even be because they also provide a way to clear clutter from the main dwelling. 

Garages are also a great place to store the more dangerous of items, such as tools like saws, hammers and nails, gardening equipment, fertilizers and so forth. By locking all of these things inside, you are hopefully keeping them out of harms reach from small little hands and from your pets.

When designing your preferred layout, you will need to measure your block to see what can realistically fit. While we have a very comprehensive range of standard garage designs, we are able to alter them to a certain degree in order to get them to fit to your property. We also do site specific engineering to ensure the building will be fit for purpose. It is recommended that you work with council to do some searches to ensure you don’t build on drains, sewers, easements or boundaries. 

A steel residential garage is a great investment for any Australian property, providing you have enough space. Wide Span Sheds is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of quality steel garage kits, and all or our residential sheds are made using quality BlueScope Steel: Australia’s finest steel. Call us today to discuss your residential storage solution needs on 1300 94 33 77.

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