Council Approval in Australia for Steel Garages

Posted on 10 Apr. 2019

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A steel garage is a Class 10a building, which effectively is a non-habitable building. As garages can be large structures, if you are planning to build in a built up suburban area then chances are you will need to apply for council approval before you can commence construction.

The criteria and requirements can be quite varied depending on where you live in Australia. The size and location of your shed can influence whether you may or may not need to submit an application. Therefore, we recommend you make contact with either your local council or a competent local building certifier to check the requirements. 

If you are purchasing a garage kit from Wide Span Sheds we will provide you with enough information during the quoting process for you to obtain accurate information from a building certifier or council representative. We provide you with the following documentation and information: 

  • Building specifications
  • Use of building
  • Colours; and
  • Design criteria 

This information alone isn't enough to submit your official council application, but it should be enough for your local building representative to give you accurate information about your new steel garage and your property. 

All council approvals and permits should be obtained before you commence building your new steel garage. For more information, please contact the very friendly team at Wide Span Sheds.

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