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How to keep your shed cool in summer

A short Wide Span Sheds guide

Summer can turn your shed into an uncomfortably hot and potentially hazardous space if not properly ventilated. We'll explore various methods to beat the summer heat in your shed or workshop. Wide Span Sheds offers effective solutions to enhance ventilation and airflow, ensuring a comfortable working environment all year round.

Benefits of Cooling Your Shed:

  • Improved comfort for you and your livestock.
  • Preservation of stored items in a cooler environment.
  • Enhanced safety and productivity in your workspace.

Options for cooling your shed

1. Roof Ventilation: Effective roof ventilation is essential for expelling hot air and maintaining a cooler shed interior.

  • Whirly Birds/Ventilators:

    • Attached to the roof apex.
    • Draws hot air out efficiently.
  • Solar Whiz:

    • Operates using solar power.
    • Ideal for roof ventilation and home cooling.
    • Reduces moisture and condensation.
  • Vent-A-Roof:

    • Cost-effective, low-maintenance solution.
    • Balances internal and external temperatures.
    • Enhances airflow in your shed.


2. Insulation: Controlling your shed's temperature is easier with proper insulation. Wide Span Sheds offers BCA-approved insulation in optional extras.

  • BCA-Approved Insulation:
    • Aids climate control.
    • Regulates temperature inside your shed.

3. Doors and Windows: Add doors and windows to improve ventilation and enhance the crossflow of air in your shed or workshop.

  • Roller Doors:

    • Ideal for larger access points.
    • Provide excellent airflow when open.
  • Personal Access (PA) Doors:

    • Convenient for smaller entrances.
    • Enhance cross-ventilation.
  • Window and Glass Sliding Doors (GSD):

    • Customise window sizes to suit your needs.
    • Options for second-hand or timber windows.
    • Improve airflow and aesthetics.


Get in touch with a shed specialist

A well-ventilated shed is a comfortable and safe workspace, especially during the scorching summer months here in Australia.

Wide Span Sheds offers made-to-order solutions to suit your specific needs, ensuring your building can be used year-round.

Contact one of our Shed Design Specialists today to make your shed a cool and comfortable place to work and store your valuables.

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