Meet Ken Cowden

Posted by Wide Span Sheds on 15 Oct 2019


Ken’s not your average type of guy. A gold prospector, timber merchant, and overall handyman who thinks building a Wide Span Sheds kit is a lot like putting together a giant Meccano set. These are just some of the reasons why he qualifies as a Wide Span Sheds Legend!

After spending 10 years in Coffs Harbour, Ken is currently in the process of moving to sunny Brisbane to be closer to his partner and enjoy a change of scenery. Every second week he drives 5-hours from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane to relocate stock for his timber business and to work on his new shed.

Ken enjoyed the process of building his first shed kit from Wide Span Sheds, so when it came time to purchase his newer, larger shed, ordering it from Wide Span Sheds was a no brainer. He shared ‘it’s a good product, good service, I enjoyed it and I decided to do it again...this one is just two and half times bigger!’

Prior to his timber business, Ken worked in a university for 10 years before deciding to start his own home-based micro business. He’s never worked in construction, but he considers himself to be a “handy person in terms of power tools, but not an expert builder by any means”.

Initially, Ken reached out to a local builder as he thought the job was to big and would take too long to complete, however after looking over the plans a few times he thought “it couldn’t be that hard, I’ll give it a go”

Half of the 24 metres long shed will be used to store tractors and farming equipment, while the other half will be used to store his timber -“it’s dual purpose; I needed a bit of size this time. I spoke to a couple of people during the design stage as I kept changing my mind. I had around 3 – 4 versions before I decided on this design”.

When asked about his Wide Span Sheds experience, Ken commented that he liked how the design options were flexible, user friendly and how everything fits together. He’s spent the last four weeks putting his shed together full-time and even though it’s a big shed, he says “you just have to keep going with it and it builds itself up, there’s a lot of parts and a lot of screws, but there is nothing difficult about it - it all fits together like a giant Meccano set!”.

Ken proves that sometimes taking a leap of faith pays off and with a ‘can do’ attitude you can achieve a lot more than you realise. We’re grateful to have customers like Ken and thankful to be a part of his story.

Ken Cowden – A Wide Span Sheds Legend

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