Meet Michael Baker

Posted by Wide Span Sheds on 13 Nov 2019 3:30 pm


As a Wide Span Sheds customer for over 15 years, Michael’s world was rocked when an electrical fault in his four-wheel drive winch ignited a fire that went on to destroy his four-wheel-drive and the shed it was housed in.

Devastated but grateful that it didn’t spread to the house, Michael decided to rebuild and purchased his second shed from Wide Span Sheds.

Having enjoyed his first shed so much, Michael decided to keep his new shed pretty much the same but with a few minor changes, “I decided to make this shed 500mm higher, I just found that the old shed was a bit short and made it difficult getting the four-wheel drive and roof racks in…now it fits with no dramas at all”.

Michael is passionate about four-wheel driving and makes regular trips to Fraser and Morton Island. Along with storing his 4WD equipment, Michael’s shed is doubling as a mechanical workshop for his son. He shared “my boy is an apprentice now… he tends to tinker around a bit at home. So, the shed gives him that free space and opportunity to get his hands dirty”.

Initially, Michael was going to keep the colours the same as his original shed, however, after working with one of our Shed Design Specialists, he decided to change it to Manor Red® to compliment the house.

Micheal also opted to add in a few skylights to let in more natural light along with a couple of whirlybirds to help beat the Australian summer heat. He explained, “the old shed didn’t have whirlybirds and it always got a little warm in summer, but now getting into this time of the year it's nice and cool and maintains an even temperature”.

When asked about his Wide Span Sheds experience, he replied “The delivery of the shed was remarkable…and the fact they were local, and Aussie made was important”.

Even though Michael lost his prized possessions in a fire, he proves that you can push through unfortunate circumstances and rebuild the future you want.

Michael Baker – A Wide Span Sheds Legend

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