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Local building certifiers vs the council


One of the things Wide Span Sheds strongly recommends is that you find out what is required by council before you purchase a new garage, shed or kit home. You may need to submit a development application or apply for a building licence; the requirements can differ greatly depending on where you are located. 

In most cases, you will have the option to contact either your local council or a registered building certifier. Both bodies are well versed when it comes to the building activity in the area you are located and should be able to advise what documentation is required, application fees, and any building restrictions for your property. 

Local Council

Council ultimately approves your submissions so obviously they are the ones who have prepared the town planning documentation and determine the restrictions you may be faced with. However, as they are a busy organisation you could be left dealing with various staff and repeating your situation before you are giving a definitive answer. 

Building Certifier

Building Certifiers specialise in building projects specifically for your given region. This is the job he or she does every day, and they are certainly knowledgeable about the building requirements for your region. A building certifier will be less likely to have to work between departments, and in most cases, will be better equipped to give you a definitive answer much quicker than your local council could. 

As we have already mentioned, each region is completely different – so depending on where you are located and how your council is set up, the pros and cons will be different in each region. 

However, it is from our experience that you can get a quicker response from a building certifier than what you can from your local council. 

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