Meet Frank Ashman

Posted by Wide Span Sheds on 17 Feb 2020 10:00 am


Frank and his wife Lynn moved to the Darling Downs several years ago with their Santa Gertrudis cattle farming operation in tow. First up, they built themselves a Wide Span Sheds Machinery Shed.

They had planned to build a house and live in the shed during the build but soon realised they could save the money and convert part of their machinery shed into a more permanent home. With a few internal walls and a little Aussie ingenuity they soon had a cosy home to live in.

Now both retired, the next problem to solve was what to do with their free time in the Darling Downs. Frank and Lynn are both keen aviation enthusiasts and Frank has a lifetime of experience as an engineer, so the goal was to pair these two interests in some way.

They found a company in Italy that sells kit airplanes and bought themselves the popular Savannah model.  A few weeks later the kit arrived, and Frank got to work putting the thousands of rivets into the frame and skin of the aircraft.

The Savannah is now 95% complete and Frank expects to have his maiden flight later in 2020.

In the planning of their project, Frank realised that standard garage doors on the new shed weren’t going to accommodate the wingspan of the Savannah. Luckily Wide Span Sheds had hanger options to accommodate their plans.
We were able to design and supply Frank and Lynn a hangar kit as an addition to his original Machinery Shed.  With a 12m x 10m opening, the doors are easily able to accommodate the plane and enable Frank to taxi his aircraft directly out to his field runway.

Frank said “The engineering boys were great, and we can talk to each other on the same level. They were can-do people and it wasn’t hard for them to provide me with what I was looking for. It was a team effort and I’m very happy with the results”.

We hope Frank and Lynn’s maiden flight goes as well as their hangar project and that they enjoy many years of flying ahead.

Frank Ashman – A Wide Span Sheds legend.



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