Preliminary Site Works for your Shed

Posted on 2 Apr 2015 8:00 am

Barn Site Preparation

In order to assemble your shed on a sound foundation, you will need to do some preliminary works. These will help the shed construction go a lot smoother in the later phases. It is best to speak with your certified shed builder to ascertain the most cost effective methods that comply with your local building regulations. However, here are a few things you can do to get the preliminary works started. 


Determine the kind of slab for your shed. This is essential before you can really do anything else and once you have decided, you can further research what is required of your site. 

Clean the Area Thoroughly

Remove any junk or plantation that may be in the way, and make a nice clean area for the build.

Make a Levelled Surface

We recommend you speak with your local building certifier or council, but it is in your best interest to have a levelled surface. That means no holes and no slopes. Depending on your block of land and the size of your shed, you may need to get an excavator in to level out the desired area. 

Secure Fencing

Depending on the size of your shed and the time it will take to construct it, you may need to secure the area with fencing. 

Getting your site ready for the assembly of your steel building will help the project run a whole lot smoother. Don’t forget to have your tools charged and ready and all the components and parts laid out in the appropriate sections. 

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