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In April 2021, Eva from Albury Wodonga won the Great Australian Shed Giveaway with the grand prize of a Wide Span Shed valued at $10,000. She did this not for herself, but for her father West who has sacrificed so much for their family.

She asked Wide Span Sheds to help her surprise West with his dream shed. Find out exactly how the surprise reveal unfolded.

When Eva first heard of the Great Australian Shed Giveaway,

she was scrolling Facebook and decided to enter with her father in mind. When she received the call that her entry had won the prize of a shed valued up to $10,000 from Wide Span Sheds, she was beyond excited and could hardly believe her ears. 

Then came the hard part: keeping the secret from her father until a surprise reveal could be set up by her and Wide Span Sheds.

The day before the surprise reveal

Eva talked us to about why being able to give this shed to her father will mean so much to her. 

"I have a really special relationship with my Dad," Eva tells us as she explains that she is the first child out of several siblings. She continues by talking about how hardworking her father has been over the years. "He has always strived to give my everything I've ever needed," she says with emotion in her voice. 

"I'm really happy that I can give him something to show how much I appreciate him and what he has done for my family."


When it was time for the surprise reveal,

West sits nervously in front of the cameras next to Eva wondering what his daughter had gotten him into. All those nerves and uncertainty dissipated however as soon as Eva reminded him about the Great Australian Shed Giveaway and that they had won. 

His response: "Bullshit."

Once the realization sunk in, a big smile appears over West's face as he goes over and gives his daughter a big hug. 

"He was so clueless," Eva tells us after the reveal is done. West adds "I would have put a better pair of jeans on if I'd known there'd be cameras!"


Once West had some time to soak in the news of their win,

he got straight to planning out his shed and all he would do with it. 

"You don't know how much it means to me," he shares as he explains how a shed of his own has been a dream of his for quite some time. However, he has always prioritized his family first and has never had the funds to be able to make that dream of his into reality. 

"My whole life, Dad has always put my family above himself," Eva comments. "So for once, he gets to be first," she says as she turns with a loving smile to her father. 

The tender moment turns into an even more joyous one as West's infectious laughter fills the room. "My wife will love this." he remarks. "I'll have somewhere to go. She'll be like 'stay out in your shed.' And I'll be like 'I'll stay in the shed.'"

This won't be all we see of West and Eva.

Stay tuned to our social media channels as we follow along their journey as they build their very own Wide Span Shed.  

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