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There are footy fans and there are footy fanatics. We reckon Troy wouldn't mind being labeled as the latter. When you see what he's done with his Wide Span Shed, you'll understand why.

As a lifelong fan of the AFL club the West Coast Eagles, Troy from Busselton WA decided that he would create the ultimate spot for him and his mates to sit back with a cold one and watch their Eagles play. Watch the video or continue reading to hear the inspiration behind the man cave that he affectionately calls "The Eagle's Nest".


The initial reason for Troy to build "The Eagle's Nest" was straightforward. 

"I built this man cave just to have a place where I can go and watch the footy," Troy tells us as he shows us around his Wide Span Shed that is filled with jerseys, pictures, flags and other memorabilia all connected to the West Coast Eagles. 

However, what started off as simply a spot to watch the footy on TV grew into something much bigger. 

"It's become a bit of an obsession," Troy explains

as he points out memorabilia signed by famous Eagles' players past and present. He can't claim ownership off all the pieces though. 

"I've got a lot of good mates who are also Eagles' fans as well and are after a place that they can display their memorabilia," Troy continues. The Eagle's Nest evolved to become not only a place to watch the Eagles play but also a community hub for Eagle's fans in Troy's part of the world. 


Thinking back to when he was looking to buy the shed that would become The Eagle's Nest,

Troy recalls googling "sheds" and finding Wide Spans Sheds.

"I wanted a strong shed," Troy recalls, and when he looked closer into Wide Span Sheds at our site-specific engineering, the use of Australian steel and a competitive price to boot, he knew he had found the right shed for his man cave. 

He decided to do the building himself too, leaning on the help of a neighbour who had put up a Wide Span Shed himself. "The instructions are simple, easy, pretty straightforward," Troy goes on to say about his experience erecting the shed.  


When it comes to game day though, there's only one thing on Troy's mind. Winning.

When we ask him what the atmosphere is like in the Eagle's Nest when the Eagles are playing, Troy chuckles and says "Well, depends on the result of the game whether we drown our sorrows or get the music cranking." 

"This is the place for it," Troy adds and we can't help but agree. 

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