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The ins and outs of farm storage in Australia

The importance of great storage assets on Australian farms

As a farmer in Australia, you know how important your role is. Farms are one of the largest contributors to the high-quality of living the country offers.

Australians own 88% of the country's agricultural land. This directly impacts Australia's abundant supply of incredible produce. In fact, the daily food supply in the country is made up of just 15% of imports.

Australian farms and their high-quality agriculture are a huge contributor to the well-being and sustainability of the country's environmental, social, and economic factors. One of the reasons that the farms in Australia contribute to the country's high-quality of living is that there are 134,000 farms, and each one produces enough food to feed 600 people daily! That means, about 93% of Australia's daily food supply is produced by Australian farmers!

 As an Australian farmer, you understand the essential role that you play in upholding and maintaining the country's quality of life. It's important to find and use the resources you need to ensure your farm stays up and running.

Why you need a storage shed for your farm

Farm storage sheds are one of the top investments you can make as a farmer. Storage sheds create additional farm protection, keeping your farm supplies safe from the outside.

 There are several potential farm hazards lurking out there; from rainy weather, to excess sun, to animals, wind, and more. The importance of farming in the lives of Australians is too great to leave the security of your farm to chance.

 Keeping your farm supplies safe and secure is necessary. Wide Span Sheds offers numerous types of farm storage sheds to ensure the safety of Australia's farms.

 All of the sheds at Wide Span Sheds are designed with flexibility. That means you get to have them custom built for the unique specifications of your farm and your land. Bays can be customised, as can workspace and secure areas.

 Storage sheds are expertly built for the specific safety of whatever you need to store; equipment, hay, grain, fertiliser, feed, and more. Having your storage needs met helps ensure the longevity and viability of your farm.

Types of sheds used for farm storage

At Wide Span Sheds, we have storage sheds for a number of uses. Choose a shed that will protect your farm, depending on your needs.

  • Grain Storage Sheds- Grain is one of the number one farm supplies that must be protected from the elements. Grain must be kept dry and secure. Our grain storage sheds are built with sliding doors for easy grain access and movement.

  • Fertiliser Storage Sheds- Fertiliser is something that every farm needs, and you want to keep it safe. With a fertilser shed, you can add additional walls in order to store other supplies, away from the fertiliser.

  • Feed Storage Sheds- Just as with grain, you want to keep all of your feed secure and dry so feed sheds can be a great asset.

  • Equipment Sheds- Make sure your farm equipment and machinery has the longest life possible by storing it away from the elements in an equipment shed.

  • Hay Sheds- Keep your hay dry with one of our many steel hay sheds. With many layouts, including easy-access open fronts, our hay sheds are a worthwhile investment.

The Australian way of life depends on farmers continuing to tend, grow, and harvest food. There are many resources and tools that Australian farmers can use to keep their farms running smoothly and keep food on the table.

Farm storage sheds are a great way to ensure the security of your farm.

By protecting your farm supplies from the elements, you can extend your supply's use, its life, and your investment.

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