Why we put our Trust in BlueScope Steel

Posted on 30 July 2015 8:00 am

blue scope

BlueScope Steel is a trusted Australian brand; an icon that has been producing high quality steel to the Australian market for half a century. BlueScope Steel take what they do very seriously, and they conduct regular testing and analysis on their steel products, working tirelessly to better improve and align their products with Australia’s changing climate. 

BlueScope Steel is renowned world-wide and provides steel sheeting for both shed walls and roofs. Three categories of quality premium grade steel are offered by BlueScope, they are: 


GALVASPAN® Steel has been cultivated out of the highest quality steel, and has been further reinforced with a special coating of zinc. GALVASPAN® steel needs to be ultra-strong as it is used primarily in the structural components. 


ZINCALUME® steel is a cost effective choice, and offers a traditional look. Many years in the making, ZINCALUME® steel is a premium galvanised steel that is intended to last four times that of other products. 


COLORBOND® steel has grown in popularity in the last decade, mainly because of the wide range of colours it comes in, and also its strong and durable nature. COLORBOND® steel has a conversion layer, a polyester primer and is oven baked in exterior grade paint for additional strength and durability. 

Apart from being one of the strongest and most reliable steel sheeting manufacturers on the market, BlueScope Steel also offers technical support and a 15-year warranty. 

Don’t be lured in by inferior imported steel. Invest in a product that has been designed specifically to withstand the harsh Australian environment by using BlueScope Steel. To see if you have purchased a genuine product, all you have to do is look for the BlueScope Steel stamp in your new steel structure.

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