Wide Span Sheds are GEN-U-WIN™ Winners

Posted on 28 Oct 2015 9:00 am

COLORBOND Wide Span Sheds

Wide Span Sheds and Northern Territory customer, Krystal Withers, are celebrating GEN-U-WIN™ success, each having been awarded $2,000 in the latest COLORBOND® GEN-U-WIN™ promotion.

Wide Span Sheds utilises BlueScope steel exclusively in its buildings, offering customers the option to select from a wide range of COLORBOND® steel colours; quality products and materials enhance both safety and longevity.

Krystal, the Northern Territory state winner for October, purchased a three bay gable roof shed for her property. Wide Span Sheds customer selected COLORBOND® steel for all major components including roofing, walls and trim, roller doors and a personal access door. Krystal has achieved an attractive finish without comprising on quality.

As suppliers, Wide Span Sheds shared the customer's GEN-U-WIN™ success, and were awarded the trade winner prize for October. Wide Span Sheds pride themselves on a range of quality steel building kits, using BlueScope's superior high tensile steel, with enhanced structural integrity added by design features such as extended purlin, girt and overlaps.

Wide Span Sheds are dedicated to the development of the steel building industry, and have invested in the shed industry's future, with continuous design, research and engineering improvements. Industry leading guarantees and accreditation, such as ShedSafe, allow Wide Span Sheds to further communicate the structural integrity of its designs to the market place.

"As an industry leader, we have a strong vision for Wide Span Sheds and the steel building industry. To further support the development and integrity of the industry, we have decided to donate our COLORBOND® GEN-U-WIN™ cheque to ShedSafe, Australia's industry advocate,' said James Folwell, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Wide Span Sheds.

ShedSafe is the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds, an independent third party accreditation program intended to provide buyers with confidence in the engineering, steel products and site specification of the steel shed they are purchasing.

The $2,000 donated from Wide Span Sheds to ShedSafe, will assist in funding a study of Internal Pressure Fluctuations in Steel Buildings. Partnering with James Cook University, ShedSafe is working to improve the integrity of the general steel building industry with the Australian Research Council backed project.

"Since inception, Wide Span Sheds has maintained its focus on safety. Supporting ShedSafe and adhering to their industry benchmarks is important to our business," Mr Folwell said.

Operating for over fifteen years the knowledge and experience gained sees Wide Span Sheds as a driving force in the future of steel buildings. With quality Australian materials such as COLORBOND® steel, the possibilities are almost limitless.

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