Becoming an Owner Builder of a Steel Kit Home

Posted on 12 Mar 2015 9:00 am

Country Home Kit 3 Cladding

Wide Span Homes offer superbly designed steel kit homes that are supplied in kit form. This provides our handy customers the opportunity to build their new home as an owner builder. However, not just anyone can be an owner builder as there are a few legalities and decisions that need to be crossed off before your commence your project. 

Please consider the following:

  • What are Council requirements for building a steel kit home?
  • Do you have the time, tools and know-how to build a kit home?
  • Do you hold the relevant owner builder licences or permits?
  • Finance options for owner builders 

We also outline a number of other considerations for your kit home project in the homes section of our website.

Council Requirements

Each council throughout Australia vary in their requirements for building and development approval. Wide Span Homes suggest conducting your research, by visiting your local council’s website and contacting their building surveyors to clarify what is needed for you to legally build a steel kit home on your property. 

Tools, Time and Know-How

If you are planning on building your home as an Owner Builder, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you have the appropriate tools to put your home together?
  • Do you have the time to do so?
  • Do you have the know-how and are you prepared to follow instructions?

We’re not going to lie to you, building a steel kit home is no easy feat, but it can certainly be done if you have the capability to become an owner builder. 

Applying for Licences and Permits for Owner Builders

This is another council question. Contact them directly to find out what is required to legally become an owner builder. In most instances, you will need to apply for a permit or licence of some kind.

Owner Builder Financing

There are different guidelines for getting finance as an owner builder. Obviously the risk is higher, but you will also be borrowing less, as you won’t have to worry about labour costs. Do your research and make sure to compare each lending institution to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. 

Wide Span Sheds supply a beautiful range of steel kit homes that are ideal for the country and coastal regions of Australia. Our designs start with the smaller home office layout through to the bigger family home option. Call us today for more information on 1300 94 33 77.

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