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Making sure your garage is practical and safe



For many people, their garage is not only the place where they keep their car and their tools. It’s a place where they can enjoy their DIY projects, build something with their hands and relax from the busy everyday life. However, in order to enjoy your garage to the fullest, you must keep it clean, well organised and safe. Here are Wire Vibes' best tips to create a practical and functional steel garage.

Make it handy with proper organisation

Most people keep their bikes, sports gear and recreational items in their garage, which can create clutter if you don’t store these objects properly. One great way to organise your bikes and keep them in the best condition is to invest in bike racks. Those will not only keep your two-wheelers away from harm's way but also create some extra space in your garage for other activities. Bike racks can also hold your surfboards, skis, snowboards, fishing rods and other bulky things.

Organise your tools

If you’re working on a project, you want your tools to be within arm’s reach the whole time without creating clutter and taking over your workbench. One neat way to achieve that is to get tool boards. They are relatively cheap, available in any hardware store and they will keep all your tools organised and tidy. Once you have the board up, you can organise your tools in a way that fits your needs the best. You can also consider sorting through your tools and getting rid of ones that are broken or you don’t need.

Hide the clutter

Probably the best way to keep your garage organised is to keep items off the floor. This way you will kill two birds with one stone: you’ll free some space, and avoid those never ending searches for the item you need. Plus, you can forget about tripping and kicking things around your garage. A great way to keep things off the floor is to get shelving or cabinets. They are super practical for garages and give you enough storage space for all your belongings. So, invest in some storage space for your garage the first chance you get.

Invest in good automatic doors

Bad automatic doors can be really frustrating. They not only waste your time but also money. If your garage doors are full of gaps and have bad insulation, all the cold will enter your garage and keep you from spending time there. So, search the market for some better quality doors and make your garage an even more pleasant space. Also, when buying garage doors pay attention to the spring. Most springs that open and close garage doors are rated for 10,000 cycles, but spending an extra $50 will get you a spring rated for 20,000 cycles, and save you some serious trouble and money in the future.

Don’t forget about safety

Most garages usually store different flammable chemicals which can cause the fire to spread rapidly. So, install fire alarms in your garage and equip it with appropriate fire extinguishers. Different liquids in the garage can also be slippery if they spill. Spills happen all the time and as soon as they happen, make sure to take care of them. The best way to collect spilt liquid is to use sawdust or cat litter. Once the liquid is absorbed, you can simply use a broom to sweep up the remains and throw them out. It’s also a good idea to equip your garage with rubber matting that additionally prevents slips. It is also a good idea to invest in steel toe safety boots while working in garages to reduce the risk of falling objects on the feet. 

Provide good lighting

Once your garage is organised and tidy, it’s time to invest in some good lighting. You need ample light from different sources if you want to enjoy your DIY projects and work on your car, especially if you’re a night owl. Great garage lighting option is tube lighting that can provide you with the bright task and general lighting. Tube lights are also quite energy-efficient and have a long life. Another good way to light your garage is to use natural light whenever possible. If your garage plan allows, install windows or even skylights. These are quite easy to add, both during building and during remodelling, and they will provide you with natural light and ventilation.

Creating a functional and well-organised garage isn’t rocket science, but these tips and tricks will definitely make the task easier and let you enjoy your new and improved garage all year round. 

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