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Authorised Agent Details

Business Name: Limestone, Pots, Paving & Sheds

Store Manager: Kevin Browne

Agent Since: 2010

Contact Details

Address: 127 Federal Street Narrogin WA 6312

Phone: 08 9881 3335

Mobile: 0428 958 040

Trading Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 12pm

Sunday-Sunday: Closed

Narrogin is a bustling little rural community based in the Wheatbelt of the South Perth Region. Supplying our sheds in this part of Australia are the authorised agents for Wide Span Sheds, Kevin and Renee from Limestone, Pots, Paving & Sheds.

Kevin and Renee have been respected partners of the Wide Span Sheds agent network for many years, and have the experience and knowledge to ensure you find the best steel building solution to suit your project’s requirements.

From farm sheds, machinery covers, garages, kit homes, equine buildings and industrial sheds, they can supply the entire range from Wide Span Sheds. If you can’t find a Narrogin shed to suit your needs, then please arrange a meeting with them and they will design a building solution specifically for you using our advanced shed designing software.

Wide Span Sheds Narrogin proudly supply steel buildings that are made from genuine Australian steel. Even better, we are a ShedSafe accredited supplier.


Shed Prices & Sizes

For the latest pricing guide on our full range, view the Wide Span Sheds catalogue online. Our catalogue is a snapshot of what our customers have designed over the past 18 years using a template as a starting point.


All designs are flexible - Start with a template and work with one of our shed design specialists for FREE to create the exact design you want.

  • All dimensions can be customised to the millimetre
  • Heights up to 9 meters, clear spans up to 30 meters
  • Large bay sizes and uneven bay widths available

View Catalogue

Building Permits in Narrogin

Building permits will usually be required should you plan on building a shed, garage or kit home in Narrogin. For accurate information, it is recommended you contact the Shire of Narrogin and speak with their building specialist team to discuss what documentation will be required for your application.

For more information about building and development applications, please visit www.narrogin.wa.gov.au, or contact a local registered building certifier.

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