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Many clients seek to, and successfully, convert our portal frame sheds into liveable/habitable dwellings. This is achieved by the client using our shed as a base and then working with local designers, builders, and certifiers to convert the building into a liveable shed.

If this option is viable to you, Wide Span Sheds can provide you with the various documentation to go to council including engineering letters, plans and concrete notes for a Class 1a building (maximum 8.5 metre span).

Check out our liveable shed below, or contact us today on 1300 94 33 77 to discuss your requirements. You can also send us your details from our Quote Request page or even visit a local authorised agent.

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> Things to Consider When Customising A liveable Shed
Liveable Shed The Getaway Rendered
Liveable Shed The Getaway Rendered

Things to Consider When Customising A liveable Shed

Specs These can all be customised.
Span: -
Length: -
Height: -

Design Options

  • You nominate your preferred dimensions
  • Provisions can be provided for door and window spacings (actual fixtures to be provided by you)
  • COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel options
  • Various Sheeting Profiles
  • Snow Loading, Earthquake Loading and Cyclonic Rating
  • Extensive range of Optional Extras
All designs are customisable

Countless Design Options

Some of our clients plan in advance the interior design aspects of their shed to ensure it's a comfortable and liveable space. Insulation, internal lining, and finishings such as boxing in the C-Sections are a great place to start.

With the ability to nominate your preferred dimensions and sheeting profiles, whether that's:

  • Corodek
  • Trimclad, or
  • Metroclad

Along with the option of choosing COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel and an extensive range of accessories, the design options are countless.

Ultimately you are in control of your design. Acting as an owner builder you source and supply all finishings such as doors and windows to integrate into the design, giving you complete control over the end look of the building.

Added Value

Not only do you have complete control over the design of your liveable shed, but our class 1a liveable sheds can also be a cost-effective alternative for expanding the value of your property. To work out whether a shed house is really for you, call 1300 94 33 77 and speak with one of our specialists today.

Liveable Shed The Getaway Rendered

Liveable Shed Prices

Our specialists are here to help you design your ideal liveable shed that not only meets your needs and expectations but also doesn't break the bank. 

For our liveable shed price list or to view our shed prices online, check out our latest catalogue.

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