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Aussie Barn Shed Kits

If you're looking for an Aussie Barn designed to meet your needs, then Wide Span Sheds can help. We work with our customers one-on-one to understand exactly what they want from their new steel building and then create their ideal structure.

Whether you are searching for a residential, rural or industrial barn, we have the expertise to develop an ideal solution that is tailored specifically to your requirements.

Our Australian barn kits are:

  • Fully customisable and made to order
  • Made from high-tensile Australian steel
  • Termite-resistant
  • Specifically designed and engineered to withstand the unique Australian climate easy to assemble on-site

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Aussie barn
Aussie barn green
Aussie Barn Horse Stable
Aussie barn green Rear View
Aussie Barn High Walls Two Doors
Aussie barn
Aussie barn green
Aussie Barn Horse Stable
Aussie barn green Rear View
Aussie Barn High Walls Two Doors


Specs These can all be customised.
Span: 9 m
Length: 6 m
Height: 3.6 m

Design Options

  • Metroclad, Trimclad or Corodek Sheeting Profiles
  • Snow Loading, Earthquake Loading and Cyclonic Rating
  • Extensive range of Optional Extras
  • Streamlined roof-line offers an attractive finish
  • Single roller door on the front of the building
  • Can be converted into a horse stable or garage
All designs are customisable

What is an Australian Barn?

A staple of the great Australian rural landscape is the Australian Barn. Its distinct design featuring a connected roofline with elongated awnings makes it a truly unique structure. From housing feed and livestock to storing tractors and other machinery, an Aussie barn is an incredibly functional farm building.

Aussie Barn Vs American Barn - what’s the difference?

When looking at the differences between our Aussie barn designs and traditional American barns, it's clear to see that each style has its own advantages. A prime example of this is when comparing rooflines.

Australian barn roofs feature elongated awnings on both the front and rear of the building that provide extended overhangs for weather protection. This design works particularly well for the Australian climate, as it keeps rainwater away from walls and prevents barns from overheating.

American barn roofs are designed with a hipped layout that's fitted with ridge venting to allow airflow between roof levels. While excellent at keeping stalls cool in summer, an Aussie-style barn is better-suited to the subtropical climates where heat and humidity are more of an issue.

Common Uses for Australian Barns

Our steel barns are used for a wide range of purposes by customers around Australia, from small-scale horse stables to large-scale farming and agriculture. Some common uses include:

  • Storage space – In a climate as warm as Australia's, storage space is essential. Our steel barns make for excellent long-term storage spaces due to their termite resistance and weather protection.
  • Equipment & machinery – Store your machinery safely with our well-designed, visually impactful buildings.
  • Outbuildings – Need to build an outbuilding, but can't spare the space? Our huge range of sizes means there's always a steel barn kit that'll fit perfectly.
  • Equestrian – Need long-term stabling for your horses? We have purpose-built equine buildings that are perfect for use as horse stables.

Site-Specific Engineering

Made from Australian BlueScope Steel, we can customise the design according to your exact needs and location to account for:

  • Wind region - We'll choose the right combination of roof angles, wall pitches and purlins to ensure that your barn is well-suited to its location.
  • Surrounding terrain - When building on sloping or uneven land, we'll design a steel barn that's best suited to the site.
  • Soil type - Some soil types are more suitable than others, we'll engineer your building to ensure that your barn is properly protected.
  • Topography - Our experienced and friendly engineers can design and engineer an Australian barn to accommodate the surrounding landscape.

Wide Span Sheds are ShedSafe Accredited and your #1 choice for Australian Barns. All our kits come with full construction manuals and are engineered in line with the National Construction Code (NCC).

Australian Barn Designs

With our wide range of optional extras, we can create the perfect Aussie barn suited to your needs. Talk with one of our shed design specialists about adding:

  • Steel Sliding Doors
  • COLORBOND® Steel Roof Sheeting
  • Personal Access Doors (PA Doors)
  • Fibreglass Skylight Roof Sheets
  • Window Openings
  • Dividing Walls
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Wind Locks to Roller Doors
  • Vermin Proofing
  • Eaves Extensions

Why Buy Our Aussie Barn Kits?

Our Australian Barn Kits are made with Australian structural steel and sheeting available in the COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® range of colours. Our barn kits are made according to your desired dimensions allowing you to end up with the exact kit you need at the most efficient price. We can adjust your structural design according to your location’s snow Loading, Earthquake Loading and Cyclonic Rating.

Why Choose Our Australian Barn Style Sheds?

Our barns are constructed of Australian BlueScope steel and are intended to resist a pressure of at least 450MPa. The c150-c350 purlins are used to strengthen the structure, depending on the site and barn design.

We're proud to offer an up to 20-year warranty from BlueScope steel on all our Aussie barns. Have confidence knowing your barn will stand the test of time and ensure it's a solid investment for you and your property.

Things to Consider when buying an Australian Barn

The major purpose of a steel barn is to provide shelter and storage for animals or equipment. An Australian barn from Wide Span Sheds works perfectly as they are designed and engineered to endure corrosion, rain, sunlight and other natural elements. Here are things to take into consideration when looking at buying an Australian Barn:

  • Size of the barn - When choosing your steel barn size, you should take into consideration how much work and storage space you will need. It is important to remember that this space can be divided in many ways with different sized bays and lots of options such as internal dividing walls and multiple access points.
  • Features - Take some time to consider what design additions are likely to have the biggest impact on the functionality and comfort of your barn. There are many great features that can come with the Australian barn design such as a mezzanine floor, which could be installed to create extra storage space, or fibreglass roof sheeting to let in ample light. Talk to one of our design specialists to understand your options.
  • Strength of the barn - Your barn will need to be strong enough to handle high winds and extreme weather conditions. The high-quality steel used in our wide span buildings has been engineered so that they can handle snow loads, cyclonic activity and earthquake activity.

Australian Barn Prices

Our Aussie barn prices will vary depending on the size and design as well as your preferred customisation options. We can tailor a solution for all residential, rural and commercial applications.

For a site-specific quote, call 1300 94 33 77 or complete the form below.

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